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Growing our sport

Some rallies consist of five days’ worth of racing, or fourteen in the case of the Dakar. With additional documentation days prior to the start, racing in an unfamiliar country can be a daunting prospect.

Vendetta can take the stress out of the entire experience by providing any level of support from as simple as bike maintenance during the event, bike rental with maintenance, or becoming a full team member for the event duration

We hold an FIM Team license which covers international cross country rallies and international bajas.

We are also involved with the non-racing side of bikes and are a regular 'go to' for bike issues, technical queries and general advice of which we are always happy to help.

As a private team we are uniquely placed to provide support for riders from other countries who may have the ability and machinery for competing in events in the region but lack the ground support. 

In addition to our racing exploits, Vendetta works alongside local stakeholders to aid the growth of the UAE biking community and specifically the local championships.


Biking is a developing sport in the UAE and we are proud to be part of the process, bringing together the benefit of our combined experience and assisting wherever we can to ensure a bright future for a sport that has given all of us so much. 


Some of the most recent events we have been involved in are:

  • Al Masaoud Ducati/Sportsbike Championship - using our experience we consulted on the regulations and were present at every round in the capacity of technical scrutineers.

  • Dubai International Baja - working with the FIM as chief technical scrutineer

  • Accredited licensed instructors for FIM national sportsbike race licenses 

  • Official instructors at both YAS Marina Circuit and Dubai Autodrome


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